What our customers say about us:

Marta Riba, Mountain skier and mountain refuge warden

“When training or taking part in long-distance competitions, it’s important to figure out the optimum energy intake to perform at your very best from the starting line to the finish line.

On Snack Gods, there are lots of different types of 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free energy bars, which are delicious and easy to eat when competing…and there are plenty of flavours to choose from, so there’s always something you feel like eating.”

Ana Revilla, Triathlete and a mountain sports all-rounder

"As a sportsperson and someone who likes to eat healthily, I take a good long look at the labels of all the products I buy. I’m also intolerant to dairy, which makes me even more careful when I choose products both for my day-to-day and especially for sports. I like natural products without refined sugars. That’s why the snack bars they sell on Snack Gods are just what I’m looking for. They’re made with nuts, dates and seeds, with no additives. I take part in triathlons, mountain races, skiing… I’m a bit of an all-rounder and, for training and competing, especially when it’s long-distance, it’s vital that everything’s easy to chew and digest, which is why I’ve already picked out a selection of energy bars… and they’re really tasty too. My stomach’s a bit on the delicate side, so Snack Gods is great because of their range of really healthy and natural products and supplements which meet the criteria that I need for my lifestyle.“

Yago Breijo Martínez, Multi-adventure sportsman

“On Snack Gods, I was finally able to find my favourite snacks for when I’m training and competing. I like them because they’re easy to eat, they pack a lot of energy and, especially, because of the quality of nutrients they contain. The ease of carrying food made exclusively with natural ingredients with me anytime and anywhere, really marked a before and after in my sports nutrition, whatever the challenge.”